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Geography: Gladstone - is a city in the Gladstone Region, Queensland, Australia. It is approximately 550 kilometres (340 mi) by road north of Brisbane and 100 km (62 mi) south-east of Rockhampton. Situated between the Calliope and Boyne Rivers, Gladstone is home to Queensland's largest multi-commodity shipping port.

Gladstone, together with Boyne Island and Tannum Sands, had an estimated urban population of 49,248 at June 2015. This urban area covers 240.2 km2.

Gladstone is the largest settlement within and the seat of the Gladstone Regional Council, which formed in 2008 amalgamating three former local government areas.

Date of foundation:


Population: 49 248


Gladstone. Blue Bell Hotel, circa 1916
Blue Bell Hotel, circa 1916
Gladstone. Goondoon Street, 1904
Goondoon Street, 1904
Gladstone. Goondoon Street
Goondoon Street
Gladstone. Post and Telegraph Office, 1904
Post and Telegraph Office on Goondoon Street, 1904
Gladstone. Railway station, circa 1895
Railway station, circa 1895
Gladstone. Railway Station, 1924
Railway Station, 1924
Gladstone. Ships moored at the docks, 1868
Ships moored at the docks at Gladstone, 1868
Gladstone. Steamer 'Kate' and two-masted steamer 'Black Swan', circa 1870
Steamer "Kate" and two-masted steamer "Black Swan", circa 1870

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