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Geography: Geraldton is a coastal city in the Mid West region of Western Australia, located 424 kilometres (263 mi) north of Perth.

At June 2015 Geraldton had an estimated urban population of 39,825. Geraldton is the seat of government for the City of Greater Geraldton, which also incorporates the town of Mullewa and large rural areas previously forming the shires of Greenough and Mullewa.

The Port of Geraldton is a major west coast seaport. Geraldton is an important service and logistics centre for regional mining, fishing, wheat, sheep and tourism industries. Geraldton has a sister city relationship with Zhejiang, China.

Date of foundation: 1850


Population: 39 825


Geraldton. Birdwood House
Birdwood House
Geraldton. Marine Terrance
Marine Terrance
Geraldton. Station square
Station square
Geraldton. Stella Maris College
Stella Maris College
Geraldton. Town Hall
Town Hall
Geraldton. Town Hall
Town Hall
Geraldton. Town Hall
Town Hall
Geraldton. Town Hall
Town Hall

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