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Geography: Esperance is a town in the Goldfields-Esperance region of Western Australia, on the Southern Ocean coastline approximately 720 kilometres (450 mi) east-southeast of the state capital, Perth. Esperance is home to 9,919 people (2011 census). Its major industries are tourism, agriculture, and fishing. (Wiki)

Date of foundation: 1896

History: The area of the Esperance townsite was first settled by the Dempsters, a pioneer family of Scottish descent, in the 1870s. A telegraph station was opened in 1876, although the formal gazettal of the townsite did not occur until 1893.

The town jetty was also built through the 1890s, following the discovery of gold in the eastern goldfields region.

A railway line between Coolgradie and Esperance was completed in 1927.

Population: 9 919


Esperance. Opening of Bijou Theatre, 1896
Opening of Bijou Theatre, 1896
Esperance. Post Office
Post Office and the Norfolk Island pine, corner of Dempster and Andrew Streets, 1920
Esperance. School children, 1915
School children enjoy a half day holiday, 1915
Esperance. School children, 1915
School children enjoy a half day holiday, 1915
Esperance. Premier Scaddan's party, 1915
Premier Scaddan's party departing the Esperance Hotel, 1915
Esperance. Premier Scaddan's at Institute
Premier Scaddan's party at Esperance Institute, 1915
Esperance. Railway Yards, 1929
Railway Yards, 1929
Esperance. Salt deposits, 1939
Salt deposits at the Pink Lake, 1939

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