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Geography: Dubbo is a city in the Orana Region of New South Wales, Australia. It is the largest population centre in the Orana region.

Dubbo is located at the intersection of the Mitchell, Newell and Golden highways. The nearest city, Orange, is approximately 144 km (89 mi) away. Dubbo is located approximately 275 m (902 ft) above sea level, 303 km (188 mi) north-west of Sydney (400 km (249 mi) by road) and is a major road and rail freight hub to other parts of New South Wales. It is linked by national highways north to Brisbane, south to Melbourne, east to Sydney and Newcastle, and west to Broken Hill and Adelaide. (Wiki)

Date of foundation: 1849

History: The explorer and surveyor John Oxley (1784�1828, born, Yorkshire, England) was the first European to report on the area now known as Dubbo in 1818. The first permanent European settler in the area was English born Robert Dulhunty, described as one of the wealthiest citizens in the Australian colony at the time. There are records of squatters being given permission to set up large sheep and cattle stations in the area in 1824 but these were not maintained.

Population: 36 941

Dubbo. Bullock and horse teams
Bullock and horse teams in Macquarie Street south near Serisier's Store, circa 1875
Dubbo. Commercial Bank, circa 1875
Commercial Bank (built 1867), circa 1875
Dubbo. Court House, 1881
Court House, 1881
Dubbo. Court House, 1889
Court House, 1889
Dubbo. Lands Office
Lands Office
Dubbo. Macquarie Street, 1920s
Macquarie Street, 1920s
Dubbo. Panorama of Macquarie Street
Panorama of Macquarie Street
Dubbo. Queensland Rugby Team
Queensland Rugby Team, June 1930

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