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Geography: Carnarvon is a coastal town situated approximately 900 kilometres (560 mi) north of Perth, Western Australia. It lies at the mouth of the Gascoyne River on the Indian Ocean. The popular Shark Bay world heritage area lies to the south of the town and the Ningaloo Reef and the popular tourist town of Exmouth lie to the north. Within Carnarvon is the Mungullah Aboriginal Community. Inland, Carnarvon has strong links with the town of Gascoyne Junction and the Burringurrah Community.

Date of foundation: 1883


Population: 4 559


Carnarvon. Alexandra Street, 1910
Alexandra Street, 1910
Carnarvon. Alexandra Street, 1933
Alexandra Street, 1933
Carnarvon. Camel team near Carnarvon, 1910
Camel team near Carnarvon, 1910
Carnarvon. Convent, 1910
Convent, 1910
Carnarvon. Family on town street, 1910
Family on town street, 1910
Carnarvon. Foreshore improvements, 1911
Foreshore improvements, 1911
Carnarvon. Masonic Hall, 1906
Masonic Hall, Francis Street, 1906
Carnarvon. The Gascoyne Hotel, circa 1905
The Gascoyne Hotel, circa 1905

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