Historical and old photos of Örebro, Närke
Historiska och gamla bilder från Örebro, Närke

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Historical and old photos of Örebro, Närke

A small historical reference

Geography: Örebro is a city with 117,543 inhabitants, the seat of Örebro Municipality and the capital of Örebro County in Sweden. It is the seventh largest city in Sweden and one of the largest inland hubs of the country. It is located near the lake of Hjälmaren, although a few kilometres inland along the small river Svartån.

Örebro is home to Örebro University, a major university hospital, a medieval castle, the water park Gustavsvik as well as several large shopping malls and the Oset-Rynningeviken nature reserve at the lakefront.

Date of foundation: 1404

History: Örebro received its Royal Charter and city privileges not later than 1404.

The name Örebro refers to a bridge (bro) crossing the river Svartån where the city is located. The prefix Öre- is derived from ör 'gravel (bank)'.[6] The location became a natural seat of commerce in the Scandinavian Middle Ages and is mentioned in print in the 13th century. Old buildings from the early days include the foundations of the city church, a building which has undergone several modifications. The natural center of the city is otherwise the magnificent Örebro Castle, situated on an islet in the Svartån, and dividing the town into a northern and a southern part. This castle was constructed during the stewardship of Birger Jarl during the early 13th century and then modified and enlarged during the reign of King Gustav Vasa in the 1560s. The Örebro Synod was held here in 1529.

Notable events in Örebro's history include the national diet meeting at Örebro in 1810, where Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte was elected crown prince of Sweden.

Although a trade town, Örebro remained small until the second half of the 19th century, when it grew rapidly as a center of the national shoe-manufacturing industry (see: History of Närke).

Population: 143 098


Örebro. Betlehems Kyrkan, 1900-1910's
Betlehems Kyrkan (Church), 1900-1910's
Örebro. Centralparken, Befriaren
Central Park, 'Liberator'
Örebro. Centralparken med Karl XIV Johan och Befriaren
Central Park with Karl XIV Johan and 'Liberator' statue
Örebro. Hamnen, 1909
Harbour, 1909
Örebro. Kanalen och Karolinska skolan, 1907
Canal and Karolinska School, 1907
Örebro. Kungsstugan
Kungsstugan (King cottage)
Örebro. Kyrkan och Rådhuset, circa 1900
Church and Town Hall, circa 1900
Örebro. Panorama of the city
Panorama of the city
Örebro. Rudbacksgatan
Rudbacks street
Örebro. Slottet
Örebro. Slottet
Castle and Savings Bank
Örebro. Slottet
Örebro. Slottet
Örebro. Slottet, 1934
Castle, 1934
Örebro. Sparbanken, Teatern och Logen
Savings Bank, Theater and Logen
Örebro. Stadshuset
Town Hall
Örebro. Stor och Drottninggatan
Great and Queen streets
Örebro. Storbron
Great Bridge
Örebro. Storbron och Teatern
Great Bridge and Theater
Örebro. Stortorget
Main Square and Nikolai Church
Örebro. Svårtan, villan Haganäs
Svårtan, villa Haganäs
Örebro. Tekniska skolan
Technical School
Örebro. Utsikt över Järntorget
View of Järn Square
Örebro. Utsikt över Storbron från Slottet
View of the Great Bridge from Castle

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