Historical and old photos and pictures of Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

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Old historical photos and images of
Peterborough, Ceremonial county - Cambridgeshire, Historic County - Northamptonshire

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Geography: Peterborough - is a cathedral city in Cambridgeshire, England. Historically part of Northamptonshire, it is 75 miles (121 km) north of London, on the River Nene which flows into the North Sea 30 miles (48 km) to the north-east. The railway station is an important stop on the East Coast Main Line between London and Edinburgh.

Date of foundation: 1541


Population: 202 259


Peterborough. Bathing Pool from Bishop's Road Gardens
Bathing Pool from Bishop's Road Gardens
Peterborough. Bishop's Palace
Bishop's Palace
Peterborough. Bishop's Road Gardens
Bishop's Road Gardens
Peterborough. Bridge Street
Bridge Street
Peterborough. Cathedral
Peterborough. Cathedral
Peterborough. Cathedral, south side, circa 1890
Cathedral, south side, circa 1890
Peterborough. Cathedral, west side, circa 1890
Cathedral, west side, circa 1890
Peterborough. Broadway, 1953
Broadway, 1953
Peterborough. Long Causeway, circa 1900's
Long Causeway, circa 1900's
Peterborough. Long Causeway, 1908
Long Causeway, 1908
Peterborough. Long Causeway
Long Causeway
Peterborough. Market Place
Market Place
Peterborough. Market Square, 1905
Market Square, 1905
Peterborough. Narrow Street
Narrow Street
Peterborough. Park Avenue
Park Avenue
Peterborough. Park Road
Park Road
Peterborough. Public Library, 1908
Public Library, 1908
Peterborough. St Nicholas Gate
St Nicholas Gate
Peterborough. St Peter's College
St Peter's College
Peterborough. Town Bridge
Town Bridge
Peterborough. Town Hall
Town Hall
Peterborough. Town Hall and Church Street in the mid 1930's
Town Hall and Church Street in the mid 1930's
Peterborough. Town Hall and Cowgate
Town Hall and Cowgate

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