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Old historical photos and images of Gloucester, Gloucestershire

A small historical reference

Geography: Gloucester is a cathedral city and the county town of Gloucestershire in the South West of England. Gloucester lies on the River Severn, between the Cotswolds to the east and the Forest of Dean to the west. It is a port, linked via the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal to the Severn Estuary.

Gloucester was founded by the Romans and became an important city and colony in AD 97 under Emperor Nerva as Colonia Glevum Nervensis.

It was granted its first charter in 1155 by Henry II. In 1216 Henry III, aged only nine years, was crowned with a gilded iron ring in the Chapter House of Gloucester Cathedral. Gloucester's significance in the Middle Ages is underlined by the fact that it had a number of monastic establishments, including St Peter's Abbey founded in 679 (later Gloucester Cathedral), the nearby St Oswald's Priory, Gloucester founded in the 880s or 890s, and Llanthony Secunda Priory, founded 1136. The town is also the site of the siege of Gloucester in 1643, during which the city held out against Royalist forces in the First English Civil War.

A major attraction of the city is Gloucester Cathedral, which is the burial place of King Edward II and Walter de Lacy, and features in scenes from the Harry Potter films. Other features of interest include the museum and school of art and science, the former county jail (on the site of a Saxon and Norman castle), the Shire Hall (now headquarters of the County Council) and the Whitefield memorial church. A park in the south of the city contains a spa, a chalybeate spring having been discovered in 1814.

Economically, the city is dominated by the service industries, and has strong financial, research, distribution and light industrial sectors. Historically it was prominent in the aerospace industry.

In 1926 the Gloucestershire Aircraft Company at Brockworth changed its name to the Gloster Aircraft Company because international customers claimed that the name "Gloucestershire" was too difficult to spell. A sculpture in the city centre celebrates Gloucester's aviation history and its involvement in the jet engine.

Date of foundation: AD 97


Population: 129 128


Gloucester. Basin Dock
Basin Dock
Gloucester. Bishop Hooper's House
Bishop Hooper's House
Gloucester. Bishop Hooper's House on Westgate Street
Bishop Hooper's House on Westgate Street
Gloucester. Bishop Hooper's Monument, 1904
Bishop Hooper's Monument, 1904
Gloucester. Bishop Hooper's Monument, Kids
Bishop Hooper's Monument, Kids
Gloucester. Cathedral, 1890
Cathedral, 1890
Gloucester. Cathedral
Gloucester. Cathedral from Church Tower, 1890
Cathedral from Church Tower, 1890
Gloucester. Cathedral and Old Parliament House
Cathedral and Old Parliament House
Gloucester. Cathedral from River Severn, 1890
Cathedral from River Severn, 1890
Gloucester. Cathedral from River Severn
Cathedral from River Severn
Gloucester. Cathedral from South East, 1890
Cathedral from South East, 1890
Gloucester. College School House
College School House
Gloucester. Cross, 1912
Cross, 1912
Gloucester. Cross, 1933
Cross, 1933
Gloucester. Cross
Gloucester. Eastgate Street
Eastgate Street
Gloucester. Girls' First Sunday School, 1910
Girls' First Sunday School, 1910
Gloucester. Girls' First Sunday School
Girls' First Sunday School
Gloucester. Guildhall
Gloucester. Infirmary Arches
Infirmary Arches
Gloucester. Memorial to Robert Raikes
Memorial to Robert Raikes, philanthropist and precursor of the English state school system
Gloucester. New Inn Hotel
New Inn Hotel
Gloucester. St Nicholas Church
St Nicholas Church
Gloucester. Southgate Street, 1890
Southgate Street, 1890
Gloucester. Southgate Street, 1910
Southgate Street, 1910
Gloucester. Southgate Street
Southgate Street
Gloucester. Southgate Street, Robert Railkes House
Southgate Street, Robert Railkes House
Gloucester. Southgate Street, Robert Railkes House
Southgate Street, Robert Railkes House
Gloucester. Technical College, 1959
Technical College, 1959
Gloucester. Westgate Street, 1890
Westgate Street, 1890
Gloucester. Westgate Street, 1904
Westgate Street, 1904

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