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History of Diest, Brabant in photos

A small historical reference

Geography: Diest is a city and municipality located in the Belgian province of Flemish Brabant. Situated in the northeast of the Hageland region, Diest neighbours the provinces of Antwerp to its North, and Limburg to the East and is situated around 60 km from Brussels. The municipality comprises the city of Diest proper and the towns of Deurne, Kaggevinne, Molenstede, Schaffen and Webbekom.

Between 1499 and 1795 the town was controlled by the House of Nassau (as were Breda in the Netherlands, Dillenburg in Germany and Orange in France) which was also the family of the Princes of Orange who at the end of the Napoleonic Wars became in 1815 the kings and queens of the Netherlands after the termination of the Dutch republic at the hands of revolutionary forces in 1795. The most famous representative of the House of Orange was William I of Orange-Nassau. Also known as William the Silent (1533-1584), who led the revolt of the United Provinces against Spain. His son Philip William - who unlike his father remained a pious Catholic throughout his life - is buried in Diest. In his will Philip William commanded that the city's parish church of Saint Sulpice should celebrate a yearly Requiem Mass for his soul.

Diest is surrounded by high ramparts, which are partially preserved.

Date of foundation:


Population: 23 328


Diest. Coin de la rue Neuve
Coin de la rue Neuve
Diest. Église de Saint-Sulpice
Église de Saint-Sulpice
Diest. Fort Léopold, 1915
Fort Léopold, 1915
Diest. Grand Place
Grand Place
Diest. Panorama de Ville
Panorama de Ville
Diest. Porte du Béguinage, 1920
Porte du Béguinage, 1920
Diest. Porte de Schaffen
Porte de Schaffen
Diest. Vue sur de Démer, 1910
Vue sur de Démer, 1910

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