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Geography: Damme is a city and municipality located in the Belgian province of West Flanders, six kilometres northeast of Brugge (Bruges). The municipality comprises the city of Damme proper and the villages of Hoeke, Lapscheure, Moerkerke, Oostkerke, Sijsele, Vivenkapelle, and Sint-Rita.

In the 13th century, Damme was the port for Bruges, to which it was linked by the river Reie. The river has now been canalised into the long, straight, treelined and picturesque Damse Vaart, which continues across the Dutch border to Sluis. The line of the town's star-shaped fortifications can still be traced by lines of tall poplar trees and in places by a moat. It was the site of the Battle of Damme, fought on 30 and 31 May 1213, when an English fleet under the Earl of Salisbury captured scores of French ships and their cargo of gold, silver, wine and other victuals.

Well-known Damme inhabitants include Jacob van Maerlant, a medieval poet and the town clerk of Damme until his death in around 1300, and Karel Verleye, co-founder of the Bruges College of Europe, who died in Damme in 2002.

Date of foundation:


Population: 10 845


Damme. De Molen
De Molen
Damme. Ferme St. Christophe
Ferme St. Christophe en face du Pont du Canal
Damme. Gasthuis - Binnenplaats
Gasthuis - Binnenplaats
Damme. Hôtel de Ville
Hôtel de Ville (1464-1468)
Damme. Moerkerke - Scheewege
Moerkerke - Scheewege
Damme. Panorama du maison, 1937
Panorama du maison, 1937
Damme. Standbeeld van Jacob Van Maerlant
Standbeeld van Jacob Van Maerlant
Damme. Tour du l'Église Notre Dame
Tour du l'Église Notre Dame

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