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History of Chimay, Hainaut in photos

A small historical reference

Geography: Chimay is a city and municipality of Wallonia located in the province of Hainaut, Belgium. Here is the source of the Oise River.

In the administrative district of Thuin, the municipality was created with a merger of 14 communes in 1977 (the walloon names of the place names are in brackets):

Baileux (Balieu), Bailièvre (Bailleve), Bourlers (Bourlé), Chimay (Chimai), Forges (Foidjes), L'Escaillère (L'Ecayire), Lompret (Lompré), Rièzes (Rieze), Robechies (Robchiye), Saint-Remy (Sint-Rmey), Salles (Sale), Vaulx (Vå), Villers-la-Tour (Vilé-al-Tour), Virelles (Virele).

The Trappist monastery of Scourmont Abbey in the town is famous for the Chimay Brewery.

Date of foundation:


Population: 9 898


Chimay. Collège Saint Joseph
Collège Saint Joseph
Chimay. Entrée du Château
Entrée du Château de Beauchamps
Chimay. Hôtel du Lac
Hôtel du Lac
Chimay. La Rue Rogier
La Rue Rogier
Chimay. L'Arcade
Chimay. Le Terne de la Fontaine
Le Terne de la Fontaine
Chimay. Villa des Roses
Pensionnat de Sainte-Chrétienne - Villa des Roses
Chimay. Vue de la Basse Ville
Vue de la Basse Ville

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