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History of Chièvres, Hainaut in photos

A small historical reference

Geography: Chièvres is a city and municipality of Wallonia located in the province of Hainaut, Belgium. The municipality consists of the following districts: Chièvres, Grosage, Huissignies, Ladeuze, Tongre-Saint-Martin, and Tongre-Notre-Dame.

In 1918 the town was delivered by the 5th Battalion of the Gordon Highlanders from four years of military occupation during the First World War. The event was commemorated by the naming of one of the town's main streets as Rue Dudley Gordon after the battalion's Lieutenant-Colonel, the Lord Dudley Gordon, who was presented with the key to the town of Chièvres. In return, a present was made to the town of the flag under which the 5th Battalion had fought since 1915.

Chièvres Air Base is located in the municipality.

Date of foundation:


Population: 6 665


Chièvres. Chapelle Saint Jean, 1903
Chapelle Saint Jean, 1903
Chièvres. Coin de la rue Favarcq, 1902
Coin de la rue Favarcq, 1902
Chièvres. Grand Place
Grand Place
Chièvres. La rue St. Jean, 1905
La rue St. Jean, 1905
Chièvres. La Station
La Station
Chièvres. La Tour de Gavre
La Tour de Gavre
Chièvres. Le Château d'Egmont, 1933
Le Château d'Egmont et vue de côté du cercle Notre-Dame, 1933
Chièvres. Rue Hoche, 1903
Rue Hoche, 1903

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