Historical and old photos and pictures of Asaka
Asaka tarixiy va eski fotosuratlar va rasmlar

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Old historical photos and images of Asaka
Asaka eski va tarixiy fotosuratlar va tasvirlari

A small historical reference - Kichik tarixiy ma'lumotnoma

Geography - Geografiya: It has been known since ancient times as Asaka. The early history of Asaka has not been studied extensively. Avaz Muhammad Attor, a 19th-century historian, mentioned Assake in his book Tarixi jahonnoma (World History). According to him, Khudayar Khan had built a castle in the territory of present-day Asaka. Assake started to grow fast after the nearby city of Andijan and Tashkent were connected with a railway line. At the turn of the 20th century, Assake had a population of only 2,000 people.

In 1924, Assake was renamed Zelensk, after a local official. In 1937, it was granted town status and again renamed, this time Leninsk, after Vladimir Lenin. The city underwent rapid industrialization during the Soviet era. In 1946, a large electric motor plant was built in Asaka. In the 1960s, the city specialized in processing agricultural goods.

The city's original name was restored in a slightly modified form (Asake) after Uzbekistan's independence in 1991. In 1994, the first automobile assembly plant in Central Asia was built in Asaka by UzDaewooAuto, an Uzbekistani-South Korean joint venture. Following Daewoo's collapse in 2001, and the resulting change of ownership, UzDaewooAuto was reorganized as GM Uzbekistan in March 2008 as a new replacement joint venture.

Date of foundation - Tashkil etilgan sana: 1937

History - Tarix:

Population - Aholi: 62 200

Sights - Diqqatga sazovor joylar:

Asaka. At the opening of the monument to Gulyam Yakubov, 1976
At the opening of the monument to Gulyam Yakubov, 1976
(G‘ulom Yoqubov haykali ochilishida, 1976 yil)
Asaka. Construction of the automobile plant 'UzDeu', 1995
Construction of the automobile plant 'UzDeu', 1995
("O'zDeu" avtomobil zavodining qurilishi, 1995 yil)
Asaka. Oil Workers Club, 1964
Oil Workers Club, 1964
(Neftchilar klubi, 1964 yil)
Asaka. Oil Workers Club, 1972
Oil Workers Club, 1972
(Neftchilar klubi, 1972 yil)
Asaka. Teahouse 'Chuntak', 1981
Teahouse 'Chuntak', 1981
("Chuntak" choyxonasi, 1981 yil)

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