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History of city Tokyo, Kantō in photos

A small historical reference


Date of foundation:


Population: 13 617 445


Tokyo. Akasaka-mitsuke
Akasaka-mitsuke, tram
Tokyo. Asakusa Kanon
Asakusa Kanon
Tokyo. Central railway station
Central railway station
Tokyo. Central railway station
Central railway station
Tokyo. High-Level Line
High-Level Line of Government Electric Seen Near Shimbashi
Tokyo. Marine Insurance building
Marine Insurance building in front of station
Tokyo. Meisho
Meisho, trams
Tokyo. Panorama of Ginza
Panorama of Ginza street
Tokyo. Panorama of Ginza
Panorama of Ginza street near Kyobashi Bridge
Tokyo. Panorama of the city
Panorama of the city
Tokyo. Panorama of street
Panorama of street, circa 1900
Tokyo. The Arisugawa statue
The Arisugawa statue, General staff office
Tokyo. The Diet Building
The Diet Building
Tokyo. The Great Saigo´s statue
The Great Saigo´s bronze statue, the Hero at the Restoration period, circa 1900
Tokyo. The junction point of car
The junction point of car on the Suda Cho street crows all day long
Tokyo. The Music Hall
The Music Hall at Hibiya Park
Tokyo. The Nihonbashi Bridge
The Nihonbashi Bridge
Tokyo. The Street of Babasaki
The Street of Babasaki
Tokyo. The Street of Ginza
The Street of Ginza
Tokyo. The Street of Kyobashi
The Street of Kyobashi
Tokyo. Tokyo before the War
Tokyo before the War
Tokyo. Ueno Park
Ueno Park, circa 1910
Tokyo. View of Kudan
View of Kudan, tram
Tokyo. Zojoji Temple
Zojoji Temple

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