Old historical photos and images of Algiers, Algeria
صور وصور تاريخية قديمة لمدينة الجزائر العاصمة

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History of city Algiers, Algeria in photos

A small historical reference


Date of foundation: 944


Population: 3 415 811


Algiers. Abder Rehaman
Abder Rehaman - Mosque, circa 1890
Algiers. Arab juggler
Arab juggler, circa 1900
Algiers. Arabs at a cafe
Arabs at a cafe, circa 1900
Algiers. Arabs disputing
Arabs disputing, circa 1900
Algiers. Bab El-Oued from Casbah
Bab El-Oued from Casbah, circa 1900
Algiers. Depot and Station
Depot and Station grounds of Algerian Railway, 1894
Algiers. Floating dry dock
Floating dry dock, 1903
Algiers. Government place and Mosque
Government place and Mosque, circa 1900
Algiers. New Mosque
New Mosque (Jamaa el-Jedid) Jamam al-Jdid - late 1800s
Algiers. Panorama of the city
Panorama of the city and harbor, 1921
Algiers. Panorama of harbor
Panorama of harbor from the admiralty, circa 1900
Algiers. Panorama of harbor
Panorama of harbor from the lighthouse, circa 1900
Algiers. Passengers disembarking
Passengers disembarking, circa 1900
Algiers. Place de la republique
Place de la republique, circa 1900
Algiers. Red Sea street
Red Sea street, circa 1900
Algiers. Steamship 'Normannia'
Steamship 'Normannia', circa 1900
Algiers. The admiralty
The admiralty, circa 1900
Algiers. The Cathedral
The Cathedral, circa 1900
Algiers. The cemetery
The cemetery, circa 1900
Algiers. The harbor
The harbor and admiralty, circa 1900
Algiers. Warship
Warship, circa 1900
Algiers. Warships
Warships, circa 1900
Algiers. Warships
Warships, circa 1900
Algiers. Wharf at Algiers
Wharf at Algiers

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